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LED-Frontlicht Citybike


Title: Lumotec LYT N

This high-quality LED-headlight of Bausch + Müller offers you an ideal replacement for the city bike with a hub dynamo.

The LUMOTEC Lyt offers not only a good light output, it is THEREFORE Positioned as a good-value alternative to halogen headlamps. THUS saith The New LED headlights particularly to All Those cyclists who are not yet able to opt for the light revolution "IQ TEC "itself. But Even When It Comes to outstanding technology and attractive design of the headlights meets the high standards indeed are associated with the name Busch & Müller. A computer designed lens system spreads the light of one high performance LED evenly on the roadway. The LUMOTEC Lyt Reaches a light output of about 25 Lux. Light at close range Significantly Improves safety. In addition, de LUMOTEC Lyt features an attractively compact design, in Which the prescribed in Germany front reflector has been integrated.


    • LED headlamps with new lens system
    • with light at close range
    • Attractive Compact Design
    • Solid stainless steel holder
    • Ø 62 mm 


    • integrated front reflector
    • with German Approval